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CNN Travel asked five Tokyo insiders to offer local perspectives on The famous Shibuya intersection lit up with neon at night. The CEO of local tour company Walk Japan says Tokyo has . A lover of all things green, Maeda suggests a day trip to Mount Takao -- about 90 minutes by train from Tokyo.
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There are plenty of temples and monasteries in Japan that host daily meditations, some of which even offer accommodation and allow tourists to sample monastic life. Feeling stressed or do you just want to chill out? Give it a try! A ryokan is a traditional Japanese bed and breakfast, usually found in the more scenic regions of the country. With their tatami floors and cozy interiors, ryokans make for an intimate and unique Japanese experience. Also known as jigoku , this is a collection of natural, geothermal hot springs—located in Beppu. Each pool is a quasi-amusement park, with a unique theme.

The purchase of a coupon grants access to nearly all of the pools. Natural hot springs are widespread throughout the country, and can be found both indoors and outdoors. Each has different mineral compositions and are a great way to soak in some traditional Japanese culture. If you make it all the way up to Hokkaido, be sure to spend some time exploring Daisetsuzan National Park.

The park offers numerous trails, and some of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the entire country. If you need a break from the fast-paced life of Japan, hop down to Okinawa. The climate is subtropical, and there are numerous nearby islands to explore. If you are looking for a great hike in Kyoto, this is a hill that offers a bit of a challenge and an interesting attraction at the top.

Beyond the panoramic views of Kyoto, this is an awesome place to see wild monkeys and get some fun souvenir photos. Adult admission is JPY. Food — There are many cheap places to eat out in Japan from the ramen noodle shops to miso and soba noodles. These food options range from , JPY. Buying groceries will cost you 3,, JPY per week. Most restaurant meals cost around 2, JPY. Mid-range restaurants can cost around 4, JPY.

Sushi trains cost between JPY per piece. Fast food is around JPY. You can also find plenty of cheap meals and pre-packaged items at 7-Eleven that the locals actually eat! Noodles, rice balls, tofu, and pre-packed sushi are all available for only a few hundred yen.


Transportation — Transportation in Japan is incredibly expensive. Trains are the most convenient, but also the most expensive, way to travel. Most of the city metro tickets cost JPY for a single journey. In most major cities, you can buy a day pass, which gives you unlimited travel for 24 hours for around JPY on select trains and buses. Inter-city bus tickets cost around 2, JPY. Consider purchasing a Japan Rail Pass if you will be riding a lot of trains.

JR passes come as 1, 2, or 3-week passes and give you free travel on JR lines. If you plan to do a whirlwind trip, this is the best way to save some money. You can now purchase a Japan Rail Pass in Japan. Passes are available in the following country locations: If you are feeling adventurous, you can also hitchhike.

While almost no Japanese hitch hike, many are more than happy to pick up foreigners. Activities — Most temples and museums are free to enter, although some popular attractions cost around 1, JPY. The temples in Kyoto can cost up to JPY.

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Japan Travel Guide: What to See, Do, Costs, & Ways to Save

Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Read reviews that mention trip to japan tom fay easy to read lonely planet week trip visit to japan places concise guidebook advice pages recommendations helpful travel country invaluable plan restaurant suggestions beaten. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This guide is exactly what I was looking for. This book does exactly that in a small page form factor that makes it very easy to carry with you during your trip.

Plus, Tom includes links to websites for almost all sections in case you really do wanna do more extensive research on particular items. Very up-to-date , wonderfully simple, and priced right! A great book for planning a trip to Japan. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I visited Japan for the first time earlier this year and bought three books to read before going: If you only want to purchase one then I would choose this because I got the most utility out of it from basic phrases, to specific places to see organized by area, to restaurant recommendations.

This book has the perfect amount of content in that it has just enough detail without being overwhelming. If you're willing to go with two books I would also purchase A Geek in Japan because that one provides mostly cultural context and history whereas this one is just a travel guide. A book that does just what I want - pick some highlights and give detail on them. Lengthy restaurant, lodging, timetables etc just fatten up a book unnecessarily in the internet age, and they are wisely omitted.

I wanted the text equivalent of a friend's suggestions for itineraries, and this is it. The only thing I would add might be some simple maps, even hand drawn a la Rick Steves, to help locate the points of interest without having to get out your phone. The information is up to date and has essential tips for etiquette in Japan, onsen instructions, eating, using public transportation, tipping rules and much more. The author included links that will direct you to official sites with more information and a resource page which is very helpful.

The book has an excellent itinerary for visiting famous spots of Tokyo, Mt. My wife and I are planing on visiting places that are outside of the usual tourist stops and I'm using this book's recommendations for visiting the Tohoku region of Japan. Overall, this is a very concise and handy guide that I can use before and while I'm travelling in Japan in the near future.

As someone who's lived in Japan for a while, there've been parts of the country I've always wanted to visit, but never had the time or patience to research thoroughly. This guide provided a concise, helpful overview of all of the major areas that are recommended for travelers, including must-see places and a break-down of the transportation options.

Also has a section of recommendations for people who can only be in Japan for a few days as well! For a great price, this book will save you many hours of researching on the net! Excellent, easy to digest guide about the must-see, must-do in Japan.

The author is extraordinarily knowledgeable and helpful in dispensing advice for 1st time travelers in the beautiful country, his book is a must-have when planning your itinerary in the major cities as well as some off beaten paths in Japan. We followed his advice for Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo closed and found his advice on train logistics tremendously helpful. He's also a hiking enthusiast, photo-journalist to awesome places like Himalayas so we look forward to reading his blog and books on hiking adventures too. Whereas other travel books on Japan can be quite overwhelming too much info and hard to digest, Tom Fay's "Must-See Japan" was an easy read, easy to follow guide for our family excursions in April I read this on my computer kindle app, and it was a quick and easy read to flip through with must see things clearly highlighted and some interesting "off the beaten path" type things.

I appreciated the food recommendations as well as the notes on whether or not the city was reachable using just the JR-pass, time and time you need to spend there. I googled most of the places, which could have been nice to have included with the text, but it's still very nice as-is! One person found this helpful. A lot of other guides can be overwhelming but this one was to the point and the recommendations were good. I loved the sushi restaurant Tom recommended in Tsukiji Market; it was the best meal we had in our 2 week trip to Japan.

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First time to Tokyo? 5 locals give their advice

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Very pleased with Odyssey's trips. After two trips, both to Turkey, I proclaim Odyssey Tours to be the only travel agency which I shall patronize. As promised, the number of clients is limited, although I would really love to have no more than 8 companions, as it is so difficult to see everything when there are so many persons crowding around the guide and the site or art work being visited.

It also helps to have less competition during toilet breaks. I would say that the choice of places to stop is quite good, especially since Odyssey often chooses out of the way destinations, such as a visit to local villages that tourist hardly ever go. I especially loved the gulet excursion.