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Splashdown has 19 ratings and 2 reviews. Cadon said: This was the first book I read from this author. I really enjoyed it! I was unaware that this was a.
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Of course there is nothing inherently wrong with self-publishing if proper standards of editing and design are applied. It can certainly be the perfect business decision for many authors. Yet what we do as an indie publisher is a very different animal indeed. Many authors are currently seeking self-publishing. What advantages are there to small press publishing versus self-publishing? Why should someone choose Splashdown Books over doing it themselves?

Self-publishing is exactly what it says on the label: You have to learn how to publish, mostly without help except of the Google variety. You must learn or hire out your cover designing and formatting, and you MUST get external edits because self-edits are not sufficient.

Writing Goes Beyond Publishing and Publishing Goes Beyond Publishers

Some people are going this way and not bothering with print. All power to them — there is some decent money to be made if you have a good product. At Splashdown, nobody is alone. We brainstorm together for book blurbs, covers and even titles. We critique each others work thoroughly — in fact that is the beginning stage of getting a book ready for publication. An early edit, one might call it. Then of course there are the major edits, two or three rounds by different people and finally by me, to scrub and tighten your story.

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When it comes time for those final copyedits and proofreads, the team is called in to help. Does Splashdown Books address that demographic? And, if so, what advice would you give to writers of such a genre? Sometimes our faith elements are truly minimal, visible only in the spirit intended by a Christian author behind the words. What kinds of submissions are you currently looking for?

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Is there a genre or story that you are really seeking, one on the rise, or something entirely from left field? You can expect some exciting releases over the next year. Virtual reality, cyberpunk, space travel, aliens, multiverse, time travel, space opera, steampunk, and whatever else is out there.

Metafiction is a story within a story, e. Or something like Galaxy Quest, where the fiction becomes real. We have also just launched Splashdown Darkwater, a new imprint for supernatural and paranormal plus the darker sides of science fiction and fantasy. I have a couple of good prospects for that, but we need more. There is a great interest right now in supernatural and dark fiction, and we want to jump into that arena.

And the direction is proving to be correct: Anyone with a manuscript involving visions, demons, near-death experiences, dark beings of any sort, and any paranormal occurrence or supernatural gift, is very welcome to get in touch.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start a small press? Aside from the money, no small thing indeed, what factors should the entrepreneurial small presser consider before diving in? Well, I started with my own book, and that is a good way to learn it so that no one else is affected by our bumbling beginnings.

Welcome to the writings of Paul J. Joseph

You need to be able to do everything yourself or plan on paying someone to do it for you. This includes absolutely everything from editing and proofing to typesetting and interior design, all the way to covers and marketing. But my other true friend in this business has been Amazon. And many of them don't consider Amazon-based publishing legitimate.

Splashdown (Through the Fold #4) by Paul J. Joseph

Let's start with Kindle. Kindle is a miracle that has been in the works for a long time! It takes all of the production cost out of publishing books.

See a Problem?

It also removes transportation costs, and everything bad about the shopping experience. What did it cost me to publish on Kindle? At this writing I have had very few Kindle sales, but that is a marketing issue. Were it not for Kindle, this would not be true. Then, if that weren't enough, their print-on-demand makes it possible for me to produced actual printed books that I can sign at book signings and that can adorn the bookshelves of my readers.

Why is this important? Well, technically, the Kindle revolution should have been bigger, but there is something incredibly legitimate about holding a paper copy of a book. Also, you can't display ebooks on your book shelves and brows the titles in a library. Also, for years, I could never have book signings because I really had nothing to sign.

Best of all, the publishing scheme was fair! Again, I did all of this with virtually no money invested! I can pay eight to ten dollars for a proof copy of a book. My traditional writer friends scoff at this and point out various self-publishing presses that they consider legitimate. All of those would charge me various packages that would always involve me shelling out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Well, no, Amazon didn't do that.

Why would I want to go with somebody who wants to make money off of me up front? Those are my enemies. Amazon is my friend. If I live long enough to be I will sing their praises and respect what they have given me. Their motives are not important to me. They have made me a friend for life! Those who refuse to carry my books because they are printed by Amazon are not my firends and will never get my business. Thank You Fiona Jayde It is no secret that I have to do my writing, publishing, and marketing on a narrow budget.

When I could make an investment in cover design, however, I have found Fiona to be, not only fair, but incredibly talented as well. She designed the covers for Homesick and Infinity Machine, and I couldn't be happier with them. I would recommend Fiona Jayde to anyone who wants to create a professional-looking cover for their work. Not all writers can do that, and some writers probably shouldn't.

Fiona's work is top notch, but I was unable to invest in her work for all of my covers.

Book Review: PARADOX BOUND, by Peter Clines ⏳🕐🚔🏁

This book, and "Splashdown" are my two favorite books of the series for completely different reasons. The approach this book takes to This was the first book I read from this author. The approach this book takes to space travel, the technology used, and the interactions the characters had with one another made it had to put down. Nov 22, Richard rated it really liked it Shelves: Lee Overholt rated it really liked it Mar 18, Byron rated it liked it Jul 07, Alex Klimenkov rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Tyler rated it it was amazing Jun 30, NormaCenva rated it liked it Jan 10, Andrew Sprow rated it really liked it Aug 29, Mike rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Frisno Bostrom rated it really liked it Oct 30, Scott rated it really liked it Mar 07, Debbie Walsh rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Julie rated it liked it Jun 27, Poffinatop rated it liked it Nov 02, Cassie Sommer rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Dana Sawin rated it it was amazing Jun 15, Joel Davis rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Penny Starr rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Bennett Williams added it Aug 29, Matt Krueger is currently reading it Jan 16,