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What is involved in "relearning" keys and "unlearning" the G This week's Timewalking is Cataclysm. Blizzard fixed the Suramar AP exploit. Mike finally transferred off Emerald Dream. Episode , "Tourist class". Our coverage of Blizzcon Episode , "I can get these balls off my head". Some are slowing down loading the game. Darkmoon Faire starts this weekend. We talk about the new stuff, the bad stuff, and some undocumented features. While we didn't talk about it, Blizzcon is next week so be sure to listen in on our thoughts about it on the next show.

Should the Personal Loot Helper addon be banned? Special guest Pamela Horton pamelahorton13 joins us! Mike is a little sick. Forgive the raspy voice! Hallows End returns tonight Now that we're a few weeks in, what's your routine? Are alts still a pain to level? Mike has one, Pam has Holy paladin secret artifact appearance found. Mike and Pam working on a super secret project? Follow Pamela on Youtube and check out her Drawesome Gaming series. Episode , "Keep the crits rollin'". Special Guest Cara Xandara joins us this week! Burning Crusade this week. Why getting more AP feels like a wall but isn't.

World Quest reward hotfix. Did Blizzard hit a home run with Legion's content creation? Why leveling alts will be better in 7. Blizzcon is in a month World Quest bonus XP starts today for one week. Darkmoon Faire is this week. Assassination quest experience from Renata Your feedback and emails. Episode , "Mythic schoolyard pick". Someone got a Torn Invitation. Is Mythic group finding as good as it can be? Ren wants to do crazy experiments. Episode , "Is this ? Special guest host Patrick Beja notpatrick joins us! And YOU get a Legendary! Are Mythics as scary as people think?

Is the economy in trouble? Life on a PvP server. Are we getting old? Episode , "We're all crack dealers now". It's week two of Legion. Mike and Renata talk about class halls, artifact quests, farming AP, gated professions, and is the game alt friendly? Episode , "I brake for battle pets". WoW Insider is dead, long live Blizzard Watch.

Lots of news about the PTR: Portable Audiophone What to do with those extra resources? Love is in the Air Feb. Some new items this year. Episode , "Not a sponsor". Episode , "See ya 'round". Episode , "Step on a butterfly". Episode , "Hail, Warchief Raynor". Episode , "Too many exclamation points! Episode , "Soup, salad, and breadsticks". Episode , "Team blue and black". Episode , "Buzzword bingo". Episode , "Mythic holographic trade chat". WoW year gift is out. Eric T3 garrison and what it took to get it. Should you go all-out with the smaller garrison buildings first?

Too many pets nippin' at my heels! All about the cool things coming in 6. Busy holiday, not much play time. Some garrison followers up to epic. One mission rewarded Halaa tokens. Problem - tried doing rBG and nobody wants a mage. Warcast question of the week. Episode , "How much Thunderfury does your server have? Eric does the Great Alliance Switch Are pro-ground mounters starting to switch? More PvP for Mike's mage. Do you really need garrisons? Hearthstone now on Android We go over the list of improvements coming in This is our last show until January.

Have a safe holiday! Episode , "Unseriously serious". Lots of hotfixes the last few days. Garrison outpost changes coming. New Charity pet What's up with the iLvL of followers? What's going on with max level garrison missions? Mages finally feel like mages. To tailor or not to tailor. PvP happened on Emerald Dream.

Episode , "Turkey sushi". All about garrisons and what we had to do to get to level 3. Mike's experiences with mages and rogues What's with the crafting bottleneck? Tales from Ashran Has trade chat gotten worse? Episode , "Time for your space bar break". All about Blizzcon and our first impressons of Warlords of Draenor. Special guest ikrissi joins us. WoW back up to 7. Episode , "How much is your chopper? Horde Chopper on PTR. Upgrading from the digital to physical Collector's Edition. Brawler's Guild going away in 6. Legendary cloak quest going away in 6.

Lords of War Part 3 up. Mike's comments on reputation when working on "The Insane" title. Episode , "The year expansion comes with Ben-Gay". What does ten years of expansions mean for the players that are getting older? What would Blizzard have to do to keep players interested for the next ten years, and how do you attract new players as time goes on? WoD was supposed to be out in June. Would that affect the Blizzcon announcements? Mike's experiencs playing beta last week before vacation. Episode , "I've never been so happy to see orcs".

Warlords of Draenor cinematic and release date coming August WoW's 10th anniversary preview Warlords of Draenor: Illusions change your enchant effects World of Warcraft down to 6. Superman movie release date changed, now competing with Warcraft in March, Episode , "This Dark Portal goes to 11". Hearthstone Naxxramus expansion announced.

Undermine Journal closing shop. Rob Pardo leaving Blizzard. New male models released. Blizzard to sell SDCC exclusives. Auction houses to be cross-faction in WoD. All about beta so far. Episode , "Spell of passive aggressiveness". Blizzard releases a WoD Shadowmoon Valley preview. Black Prince buff until June Midsummer Festival starts June Eric's experiences in alpha. Episode , "Exploring the Warlords Alpha". Azeroth Choppers winner announced Hogs - 10th anniversary pet We're in with the Warlords of Draenor alpha, and we have a lot to talk about.

Episode , "What are littel Dranei made of? Episode , "Life in PvP". Special guest ikrissi comes to hang out and talk to us about life on a PvP server. New female night elf model http: Episode , "Downing the Eventbrite boss". Bodua B guests with Mike to talk about her experiences in purchasing Blizzcon tickets this year - what was good and what was bad.

Authenticator update for iOS 7 - how to properly backup your info in case it gets wiped in the update. WoW subs down a bit to 7. Classic Blizzard games now available. Episode , "Ludicrous difficulty-We've gone to plaid! Episode , "Storage Wars: Azeroth Choppers made its debut today. Episode , "Space Goat Simulator".

Ron Simmons on His Problems as a Black Man in Pro Wrestling

Azeroth Choppers is a real thing: Blizzard registers "Overwatch" trademark? Episode , "Stop comparing it to Warcraft". Mike and Eric come back from a one week hiatus, bigger and badder than ever! Mike is finally closing in on his Cata Legendary, while Eric worked on some more pet battles. Mike also got access to Heroes of the Storm very recently. Lots of news this week: Vengeance of the Vanquished Pajamathur - http: Episode , "Goblins have to drop bombs".

New images of female dwarves from WoD posted. A bellyful of laughs! Wowhead updated their profiler tool. Eric's adventures in the Land of the Lost to get the Tome of Dinomancy. Episode , "Be a Responsible Booster". Hearthsteed if you win 3 games. Normal or digital deluxe editions CE people have to wait. Free boost with DD version. Already seeing reports of bad groups Eric: Got my CE Panda to Working on others, trying to find the right balance SO. Finally on the last part of the Cata Legendary. Episode , "Tweet Twacker". Eric and Mike talk more about hunters and pet battles because there needs to be more hunter discussion, right?

Heroes of the Storm is now in "Tech Alpha", but still not out. No load screens in some WoD areas? Buy your MoP digital deluxe edition before Blizzard pulls a Disney and takes it away. Is that WoD gameplay real? Wowhead now has a Blue tweet tracker. Episode , "Long time listener, first time huntard".

WoD info coming today. Silver rating in Proving Grounds required for solo heroic queuing in WoD. Hearthstone has new card backs. The fun of playing a hunter. Old school AV-type PvP coming back? Episode , "Swirling Mist Soup for the Soul". The ultimiate lovely charm farming experience and grisly tokens Mike: Episode , "Grinding for Godot". Love is in the Air has begun. Heroes of the Storm alpha screenshots. Some screenshots from Draenor on Twitter. Scroll of Resurrection going away.

Episode , "Physiology is to be savored". News World of Warcraft up to 7. Episode , "Do you even click, bro? Onyxia runs now Mike: Human female update http: Would you say WoW is easy for someone to get back into if they haven't played it in over two years? Episode , "Common college". Iron Skyreaver mount is out. You can now opt-in for Heroes of the Storm Seems like everyone has Hearthstone access now. Accounts are given access. Finally got past the hump in the Cata legendary quest. Now working on cinders.

Hit a wall with my hunter - the same wall at level 71 I hit with my rogue. Warcast question of the week: Should players be able to group with RealID friends that play on the opposite faction? News New skins and hairstyles planned for Warlords character models Someone read the script…. All heirlooms except weapon Not much difference between leather and mail except armor Hunters get an agility bonus of all mail lol The hunt for the right pet Dimiss your pet!

Like having scalable questing. Episode , "This is my exotic leather guild". What do you get out of it? Should we be able to pay for all toons or just one? After 10 years, does anyone still like leveling? Laid back a bit. Took a break from the grind. Episode , "Catching up with Ren". We catch up with Renata who was on Warcast for many years, and talk about birds, Blizzard, and the Giants. Episode , "Deck the halls with Thunderfury". Episode , "Two druids, one lock".

Farming still working out on Sunsong. Ugh Mage, and DK for that matter. Episode , "Like a stoned Spongebob". More like farming BORE. BS still at Tillers to Exalted on more toons. Motes of Harmony BTW: Skinning night northrend gorillas sholazar mammoths Actual farming for Trillium for mount Karazhan for mounts, pets and Episode , "Everybody loves Nagrand".

I have 7 What other items that are no longer obtainable do you have? Blizzard Student Art Contest Eric: Transferring professions - harder than it looks. Started PvP with engineering on my rogue Nitro boots drop the flag Rocket launcher is neat, but necessary? Episode , "You can go outside". We also have two interviews.

Our first is with Bodua from our role playing episode , and our second with iKrissi who was on episodes and Episode , "Nobody's like Ozzy". Looks like they use Blizzcon Blizzcon next week! Virtual tickets for attendees! So wrapped up in being an altaholic, I forgot about doing LFR this week. From level 2 to 7 Blizzcon panel plans?

Starcraft finals Voice Actor stage, game dialogue Artist stage: Episode , "The Hordiness". Would Blizzard ever do that? SoO Downfall but only Garrosh armor drop! Trying to find some higher purpose to it. Finished the next step in the legendary quest line. Guild doing well, people leveling up. Old guild drama seems to be over.

Got the bug pun intended to get the Angler mount. Started working on cooking. We have more people under 90 so not a lot going on just yet. Episode , "Guild togas". Gates of Retribution - Siege of Org Hearthstone! Getting a good number of people for the guild. Getting cooking to Should you use a token for stuff you can farm?

Episode , "What can a level 1 do with 10, gold? Warcraft movie has a release date - Dec. Void Reaver is a bitch. Did Coren Direbrew for some well-needed trinkets. The process of buying a level 25 guild Come join Ex Astris Scientia http: Initial thoughts Yulon 1 drop!

Episode , "Virtual World Problems". News Hearthstone beta getting a reset. Everything will be wiped. Data after this wipe will cross over into release. Map of Timeless Isle chests on mmo-champion. Conquest points vendor is back WoW Trivial Pursuit is available for sale. Mike Paladin to Still on the island, but still feels grindy. Almost ready to start going LFR again.

Best thing in life right now is not having raids forced on me. I can get a mage to 90 in far less than three months if I needed to. The issue now is professions, and what to do with them on these toons. Episode , "Grand Theft Azeroth". News Talk like a pirate day The big squish will still squish the mobs. Conquest vendors are missing!

Episode , "We need more adjectives". All about patch 5. Episode , "Money buys you happy things". Bashiok talks raid difficulty and unlock schedule Blizzard reveals Siege of Orgrimmar raid schedule September 10 — Patch 5. Beta open in the EU Is this pay to win only? Can you beat people that spend hundreds of dollars on cards? I did a live stream on Twitch. May do it again. Thanks to Zarhym for the backdrop! Darkmoon No Hearthstone Getting toons in order to gear for 5.

Episode , "Did someone say Thunderchicken? Warcraft movie shooting in January Blizzcon barcodes coming Eric and I got ours Item squish likely coming in 6. Priest to 90 Not sure what to do with her yet. Gathering as many conquest points as I can for next season Eric: Episode , "Cool guys walk away from explosions". Followup on Jim Cummings 5. Priest still at Episode , "Chen Stormstout should read cereal boxes". The Vision Blizzard music now available on Pandora http: Priest to 82 Can no longer get Benediction. What did I miss? Episode , "What's up with all these stuns? What do you do when your guild boots everyone for no reason?

Episode , "The diaper level". PvP changes Patch 5. Episode , "I got this". Security warning for WoW, and why the remote AH went offline. Warrior and Priest T16 sets on mmo-champion. Episode , "Full potato". Flex raiding announced minutes after the last show 5. Proving grounds Virtual Realms Mike: Soloed as much as I had time for Tempest Keep was easy. Brought over my lock Eric: Streamapalooza light week because of e3 Emails. Episode , "Won the wisk".

Episode , "I've been in this theater for 37 days". May go Assassin spec. Played with a new opening rotation. Bloodwing mount as gift! Episode , "Azeroth gang signs". AV weekend meant lots of wins, at the beginning. Episode , "I've never farmed while doing a show". Only works for miners and herbalists. Should this work for tailors and skinners somehow?

Ghostcrawler on the "sweet spot" in trying to keep people from unsubbing. Worked on getting my rogue to 90, which I did. Spent time cleaning out my bags. Lots of stuff that never sold.

Episode 297, "Got any Dreamfoil?"

Running lowbies thru instances instance lock is account wide More tank practicing. Episode , "The Ultimate Furry". WoW loses over 1M, down to 8. Episode , "The Temple of the Revolving Noob". Episode , "I don't die in this game". Blizzcon tickets went on sale Oondasta loot roll changes from other realms XP changes Bad Robot - only for Engineers???? Episode , "I would like to know how this story ends". PTR - No gated rep! Deepwind Gorge Calendar spam Why tailoring? Gearing up the monk Getting another mage to 90 14k in a week selling xmog gear Eric: Episode , "I got 20 silver in my pocket".

Wow to get a limited in-game browser. We'll be able to xmog using items in the bank. New Brawler's Guild 5. You can pick LFR loot for a different spec. Hearthstone tied to new mounts? Why you shouldn't wait until late in the week to do LFR. Tips on raising tailoring and enchanting. How skinning and Tillers dailies are awesome together. What they were wrong about of course is that the angle wasn't even close to resolved when that finally did happen and in fact would end up being finished in an even more underwhelming way, off screen. Why exactly would Big Show help someone who forced him to get down on his knees and beg for his job?

Especially when it was more likely that whoever Laurinaitis's replacement was especially if he was a face would hire him back considering what an attraction he is to the company. The explanation for the turn didn't make much sense either though that was more to do with Lauriniatis messing up his lines Michael Cole provided a more accurate explanation. The angle in which Kevin Nash suddenly appeared after the main event of SummerSlam was decided and attacked CM Punk after he had won, allowing Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title. After Nash revealed someone had texted him to attack the winner, a decent mystery angle ensued for a short bit, as there was a whole host of potential suspects, including Del Rio, who won the title from the attack, Vince McMahon , who had been ousted from power a while earlier and had his own motives, and likely the most logical suspect, John Laurinaitis , who was not only a Vince McMahon loyalist and could easily have been looking to undermine the show now that Triple H was in charge, but had also been seen suspiciously sending text messages at the end of his backstage segments.

In the end, who sent Kevin Nash the text? Kevin Nash, who broke into Triple H's office and sent the text from Hunter's phone to his own to justify doing it. Why did he do it? Laurinaitis' texting apparently was not only not to anybody important, but he would continue doing it after Nash had revealed the truth.

In early , psychotic Kane suddenly starts stalking Eve Torres and one episode of Raw ends with him implying to rape her backstage. Next week Eve passionately makes out with John Cena after he saves her from a rather conveniently staged attack from Kane, just as Cena's best friend and Eve's crush Zack Ryder happens to wander by.

You're guessing Kane set this all up right? Wrong, next week Kane disappeared from the storyline and Eve suddenly revealed she'd been playing Zack all along in an attempt to get attention for herself. No mention of what Kane's master plan for her was either. Fans have suggested that the storyline was meant to play out in a different direction with Kane possibly manipulating Eve judging from her expression when she kissed Cena - she looked like she did not want to do it, and her seemingly genuinely upset when Zack was taken away in an ambulance later in the night but Eve ended up getting an insane amount of heat when she kissed Cena so the writers likely changed tack and turned her heel to capitalise on it.

Then in mid the most unexpected thing happened. Upon debuting, while many considered him to be an incredible talent, few would expect him to be in a feud anywhere above the mid-card. Flash-foward to summer and he had associated himself wit Zelina Vega, a well-respected veteran with pretty great mic skills, who would eventually become his manager. Even the commentators seemed legitimately shocked that he had won. Who knew Toa Tuyet would be alive and her "corpse" was just that of her poor Alternate Universe -self?

That vile Dark Hunter Ancient was in reality a double agent for the good guys? That the Sisters of the Skrall all got their psychic powers because they were pawns of a Cosmic Horror character that apparently has been living beneath the earth for all this time, yet no one ever suspected? But the fact that one of the classic and relatively well known characters was actually a disguised Great Being all along has got to be the biggest example. Another kind of twist that wasn't a kind of reveal was the ending to the serial Brothers in Arms.

It has been a quite straightforward tale of two Badass Normal mortal enemies with a shared past clashing again and again during their ventures, and was set up to end in a spectacular final confrontation between the two. Then, literally right when they were about to hit each other, a random dimension-portal opened up between them, teleporting them to a Bizarro World , and thus ending the serial with no final fight. Instead, the villain gets trapped in that other universe, while the hero brings home an ultra-powerful warrior the benevolent Expy of the original Big Bad , no less in exchange to "cap up" the story.

To make it more clear and perhaps more insulting for the fans , there was no action scene involved in this resolution. The characters simply stood in a room and talked. Chains of Olympus sets up Morpheus, the god of dreams, as the villain for most of the game, seeing as how he's putting every mortal and god to sleep.

But then comes the last five minutes and, surprise! Persephone was behind everything the whole time! In fact, the entire plot thread on Morpheus gets dropped when she enters the plot, and is never mentioned again. Till the End of Time has a particularly infamous example. It turns out that the entire universe is a video game being played by extra-dimensional beings. The party discover this by jumping through a portal into "4D Space" and coming out of a high tech television screen. Not only was this a shocking swerve for the game, it was a retroactive shocking swerve for Star Ocean and Star Ocean: The Second Story as well, and fans did not like it.

This was partially retconned by The Last Hope 's invoking of alternate universes , leaving an out for fans who hated the twist without completely retconning it for those who didn't. Guns of the Patriots is, to say the least, the only plot point in the series that succeeded in pissing off some fans of the series. Basically, it turns out at the end that you were never fighting Liquid and that Ocelot was using a combination of drugs, nanomachines, and hypnotherapy to make himself think he was Liquid for his most complex Gambit Roulette to date.

However, this not only cheapens Liquid's character, but effectively and retroactively turns the final boss fight into a big pile of Knowing Hideo Kojima , this was probably completely intentional , but still, annoying. It's also a waste of what could have been pure Fridge Brilliance , in that an actual possession would've made much more sense. Ocelot is The Sorrow 's son, a famous and genuine telepath. It stretches suspension of disbelief much less to think that Ocelot inherited some of his father 's ability and that it unintentionally let Liquid take control. Quest for Booty ends with previous villain Dr.

Nefarious marching onto the screen and apparently being allied with the Zoni, without him ever having been mentioned or referenced in the Future saga beyond some IRIS computer trivia and Qwark's arena narration. The fact that Nefarious and his butler Lawrence were a smash hit in regards of comedy value may have something to do with it. Xenogears has this in paced orders-of-magnitude; two nations are at war and level Fei's hometown, but those are being manipulated by humans living on floating city Solaris in order to dig up and test technology from an ancient, destroyed civilization.

Then it leaps up again with Fei and Elly continually reincarnating in an attempt to free God from a physical prison and destroy the wicked Demiurge who created humankind as organic components to repair his physical form. And there's more than that, those are just the main ones. It's a staple for the Mega Man series to have a Big Bad that would have to be behind everything in the game they appeared in.

According to what little information we are told , two bubble dragons have to rescue their human girlfriends. Turns out that those two bubble dragons are humans themselves and yet, in the True Ending, out of the Final Boss come the two protagonists' parents. Akane 's ending in Suika is just disturbing and comes out of nowhere. She apparently stabs Yoshikazu to death and hypnotizes his girlfriend into thinking that she Akane is him. Parodied with the ending to Earthworm Jim 2 , when at the very end Jim unzips his body and reveals that he was a cow all along.

Dragonking Classic Wrestling Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 2 Dragonking Press

And so was Psycrow. Taken to horrifying levels in Disgaea 2 with the non-canon worst ending in which Real Overlord Zenon possesses Adell and makes him brutally kill and devour his adopted siblings. No More Heroes plays this for laughs in the final cut-scene of the real ending, when Henry reveals he's both Travis' long lost twin and Sylvia's husband. That's the craziest shit I've ever heard! Why would you bring up something like that at the very last minute of the game? I would have thought you and the player would have at least expected a twist of fate of some kind.

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Mass Effect 3 has an example that quickly became infamous: The Citadel houses an incomprehensibly ancient AI that created the Reapers to save organic civilization from the synthetic war they would "inevitably" bring upon themselves. By killing all life and assimilating the remains. This was in complete and utter contrast to what little there was established of the Reapers: Shepard either controls, destroys, or pacifies the Reapers with the Crucible, which results in the destruction of the mass relays and a lot of Inferred Holocausts. This led to a never before seen level of Internet Backdraft , and possibly the resignation of BioWare 's founders.

It is telling that the Updated Re-release spends a lot of time on downplaying the Inferred Holocausts , and one DLC was essentially dedicated to retconning in foreshadowing of the AI's existence. At the end of Last Case: The Disappearance of Amanda Kane , the protagonist is abducted by aliens. Up until then, the game was merely a Film Noir with no hint of any Sci-fi presence in sight. Star Fox Adventures reveals right at the end that General Scales was probably unknowingly working for Andross the entire time, even though Andross was canonically dead, and had barely been mentioned in the game up until that point.

Even with a Rewatch Bonus of knowing the twist beforehand, there is no concrete foreshadowing of it at all. Up to this point, the Arwing sections consisted of flying through enough gold rings to reach your destination, each of which lasted a few minutes at most. The boss is at least as difficult as the final boss of Star Fox 64 , a game built around the Arwing. All of this combined led to more than a few complaints about how the twist was pulled off. Its revealed that he was a man who felt powerless after being forced to fire people from the Mauville Corporation.

The five Pokemon Center men extras from the original Ruby and Sapphire games fuse with the man and give him their power, and he uses it to make share with people around the world. To put this already bizarre plot twist in perspective: While in the filming studio, strongly deviating from the suggested script creates the Strange ending. Some of these are fairly straightforward, but most end in something weird happening out of nowhere. For example, in Brycen-Man the titular villain just gives up, in the last Red Fog of Terror you are revealed to be Evil All Along and two of the Timegate Traveller films can end with the hero being captured and enslaved at the end.

In the yuri visual novel Princesses's Maid , the Tatiana ending is this. Tatiana wants to be with you, but running away from her arranged marriage to a prince would be political suicide, and endanger her kingdom. Immediately after this, her sister Martha comes in and says that they won't have to worry about it She framed Tatiana so she'd have no choice but to run away with the player character and have a "happy" ending.

Olivia's ending is also this, and it's an intentional swerve: The protagonist is that evil queen. She decides to conquer the world off-screen and end the game with a harem ending. Olivia is rightly confused by the turn of events. In the end of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes it turns out that one of the girls who are reading the story, and who's supposedly the granddaughter of Holmes, is actually the granddaughter or possibly grand-granddaughter of James Moriarty. Her mother was adopted by Sherlock Holmes when Moriarty died.

While this isn't a bad twist per se, it still feels like a twist for the sake of a twist, quite disconnected from the rest of the story and which serves no purpose. Thieves in Time , the reveal about what actually happened to Penelope and why she went missing prior to the beginning of the game not only came out of nowhere, but seriously ticked off a sizable portion of the fanbase. Throughout the entire game, you're given no clues that she left of her own free will. While the level in which this twist is revealed blatantly hints that the plot point will be dealt with via all the mouse emblems and such , there's absolutely zero foreshadowing that she's angry and bitter at the Cooper gang instead of being held against her will and forced to assist Le Paradox.

In the next case, it was revealed that the suicide was faked after all, and that Holly was alive enough to become suspect again in Case Not all fans were pleased with this development. At the various endings of Heavy Rain the killer is revealed to be one of the player characters, the private detective. The problem is that the game allows listening to the characters' thoughts as part of the mechanics, and the detective's thoughts make it look as though he isn't aware of things that the killer would know.

Further, it renders a previous plot point Ethan's strange visions of things only the killer would know completely inexplicable. According to Word of God the odd nature of the twist is partly the result of story changes late in production, when it was too late to complete rewrites; the game originally had supernatural elements and a psychic connection formed between Shelby and Ethan would've explained the visions.

The ending of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter was received as badly as it was for this reason and several others. None of the Raposa, the mannequin characters, or even the player avatar even exist. The entire game is the dream of the minor character Mike, who fell into a coma after a car accident that killed his parents and burned half of his sister Heather's face, hence why half of Raposa Heather's face is dark. Very little of this was foreshadowed beforehand, and what was foreshadowed was done so rather poorly: Mike was nowhere to be seen in the first game, and the entire reveal makes little sense given the events thereof.

The whole gist of the series is that you are the Creator, and then this random kid whose existence was never even alluded to shows up out of nowhere and, by the end of the game, retroactively usurps your title. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was marketed as the story about the fall of Big Boss and his descent to evilness due to his thirst for revenge and his mistrust of the establishment.

Some powerful images from the trailer showed B. B with a bloodied and demonic face, walking through a fiery corridor with a grim expression. Except that's not Big Boss, but his right-hand man, after some Magic Plastic Surgery and memetic hypnosis to make him look like and think he was the big man.

Meanwhile, the real Big Boss had been developing his own plans offscreen, making the whole game inconsequential from a plot standpoint. Radiant Dawn is a game packed with Wham Episodes , but most of its big twists were foreshadowed to at least some degree in the previous game, Path of Radiance We do get an explanation for this, involving a very, very ancient character seeing to it that history was edited , but it's after the fact.

Fire Emblem Fates has a few cases. Chapter 25 of the Birthright route, "Traitor Revealed". It turns out there's been a traitor within your group the whole time, this fact has been foreshadowed by Iago. However, the traitor turns out to be Takumi , with Iago having been secretly controlling them this whole time. However, this makes no sense for a number of reasons: Azura already "cured" Takumi of his Demonic Possession earlier in the game, and there were no hints whatsoever that this curing wasn't complete. Other routes reveal that the one responsible for Takumi 's Demonic Possession is definitely not Iago, nor does Iago have any connections to them.

Iago has also never shown any hints of having brainwashing powers anywhere earlier in the game. The brainwashed character has been playable and under your control ever since they joined the army, meaning that if the player has been making an effort to use them, they're doing the exact opposite of what a brainwashed traitor would do: And finally, this twist doesn't make a difference to anything in the end, as said traitor is immediately de-brainwashed via The Power of Friendship without a fight, and the brainwashing plays no further role in the chapter, or indeed the rest of the game.

The most controversial one by far is a late-game reveal on the Revelation route: Not only did this annoy shippers due to pulling Surprise Incest on them out of nowhere, but this reveal has no impact on the plot and is never mentioned again. It also means Mikoto was actually from Valla, not Hoshido , despite having a Japanese-inspired name and acting like a Yamato Nadeshiko. The Telltale Series has a bunch of them, mostly due to the fact that Telltale Games decided to play fast and loose with the Batman mythos.

There's also another twist that might be one of these, depending on your choices. If you've chosen nothing but nice responses to Harvey Dent , this character's descent into Knight Templar villainy comes out of nowhere, and is awkwardly hand-waved as being brought on by Lady Arkham's drugs. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location 's Custom Night has plot twists with little to no foreshadowing beforehand, and these might affect much of the entire franchise's pre-established lore much like Metal Gear Solid V above.

The only concrete one is the player being the Greater-Scope Villain 's son something not established until the very end of the game. The "might" comes in from what's implied through a vague and open-ended final cutscene ; namely, the protagonist may or may not go on to become Springtrap following the game's events, and not his father as seen Five Nights at Freddy's 3.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator eventually fixes this: Springtrap really was the father. The fate of the son is not explicitly revealed, but it's implied you're playing as him and he dies in the fire that was set to destroy the remaining animatronics. A bizarre example happens in Super Dangan Ronpa 2. During the final chapter, it's revealed that protagonist Hajime Hinata is actually Izuru Kamukura, one of the two main antagonists in the game.

The game makes zero effort to foreshadow this or even let players know that the character exists. Instead, it was foreshadowed in Dangan Ronpa Zero , which was not released for Western audiences. The odd thing is if somebody were to read Zero , it may actually come across as a Captain Obvious Reveal.

New Danganronpa V 3: For some players, Kaede Akamatsu being the culprit of the first chapter counts. The twist is foreshadowed to some extent, albeit in ways that become clearer on a second playthrough , but many players were completely caught off guard by this twist, considering that Kaede is the Player Character , and most wouldn't expect that she'd commit a murder right under their noses while they were controlling her actions and hearing her thoughts.

In the very end, an anvil falls from the ceiling and turns Polterguy, who was briefly turned into his human form, back into his ghost form. This comes completely out of thin air and makes no sense.

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It's presumably made by the Sardini Company, but they just were scared out of their house for the forth time and Vito does not seem to have any supernatural powers. Doubles up with an Ass Pull. Parodied in You Were Hallucinating the Whole Time , which plays short segments of Space Invaders , Pac-Man , and Pong , only to "reveal" that the player was hallucinating the whole time and was actually doing something heinous. Of the three endings of the game, the "Resist" ending has proven to be quite controversial among both players and reviewers.

In it, you succeed in battling the leader of the Eden's Gate cult, Joseph Seed, and place him under arrest. Then, with no warning, a nuke detonates as you're leading him away, eventually resulting in you and Joseph stuck in a bunker as he begins to brainwash you, with the nuke having presumably killed everyone else and rendered everything you did completely pointless. While there is some foreshadowing of this ending, it comes primarily in the form of brief in-game radio broadcasts, which considering all the chaos going on around you at any given moment are easy to miss, and even then a player might not connect the dots.

During a Retool , it was revealed that the two of them were not only monogamous lovers, but had been all along , followed by a series of unconvincing, probably accidental " hints ". Not only that, but Bernadette had, before the series started, been involved with a minor character whose only role on camera was to be killed by The Dragon , and left her for infidelity. And in a later arc, a mage uses a magical truth spell that people can't help but reply to to try and ruin their relationship , wherein Maytag admits to infidelity and Bernadette admits to being relieved to hear it.

The death was himself, which was particularly shocking to him , as the "Me" theme was one of the few that didn't have a character in mortal danger at the time. He then tried to get out of it by retconning the prohpecied death into being Gwen Stacy from Spider Man. Mortifer has Wham Episode as its staple trope, and it usually does a good job of having The Reveal make perfect sense in retrospect through copious use of Chekhov's Gun and Foreshadowing.

However, there is one twist that's notable for coming right out of nowhere — Namely, The Reveal in chapter 29 that Zebidiah is a demon, forced to serve Vlad against his will.

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The Keiki comic "Beefer Madness" started out with Beefer getting placed in an afterschool support group and meeting strange kids, such as a girl named Darcy who had a strong obsession with DC Comics. As Peter Paltridge continued the story, he realized Halloween was approaching, but he didn't have time to start a new, supernatural story.

As a result, he decided to throw in some dramatic revelations about Darcy being a vampire and the support leader being a vampire hunter. Then, out of nowhere, in the middle of a strip, this weird guy who never shows up before or after stuffs minus in a briefcase, and after she escapes she completely loses all sense of reality. To cure her, her friend throws a rock at her head— at which point she shatters into a million pieces. Now that minus is dead , she spends several strips as a ghost doing the same antics as in the beginning of the comic, so the reader thinks that things will get back to normal eventually.

Someone just has to ask if minus can start bringing people back to life. She does, and everyone on Earth suffocates from the sheer mass of bodies brought back. Homestuck gets this in the form of Aranea Serket, Ms. Exposition who invoked Off the Rails on the alpha session, breaking the universally agreed-upon plan for defeating the big bad in the process.

The episode "What the Hell Happened to Mega64? Poque's college friends coming to see him. In the first five minutes they're taken hostage by a mafia and the friend is killed, complete with blood splattering. The rest of the episode has Rocko, Derek and Shawn trying to rescue him. The episode ends with them learning the friend was the head of the Mafia. It's never really explained why he wants to kill Dr. Poque, why the Mafia were selling plush parrots, or how the friend is even alive.

It gets even weirder when the friend is shot in the back by a guy wearing a sombrero, who then warps out. The creators said that it was a twist for the sake of a twist, and even the characters question it. Not to mention the Super Mario Bros. Who admits he has nothing to do with The Beatles. How to Write Badly Well: End with a twist no reader could have reasonably foreseen The commentary to The Nostalgia Critic review of The Secret of NIMH 2 discusses this, with Doug giving as an example a reveal that the hero is a piece of broccoli. Also, in his review of Devil he complains about the reveal that the old lady was the devil all along and says that sure, you weren't expecting it, but that doesn't make it a good twist.

The ending of "Tree Trunks" consists of lovable old Tree Trunks, an old elephant who makes apple pies, suddenly exploding right out of nowhere at the end of the episode after taking a bite from the Crystal Gem Apple. Originally the episode was going to end with just that, but the executives said it was too dark. They were forced to put in a shot of Tree Trunks after the credits, skipping around in an alternate dimension to confirm to the audience that she was okay and that she would come back.

Which she did, becoming a regular supporting character. Whether or not the changed ending increases the insanity of the moment, however, depends on the viewer. Revealing what actually happened in Guatemala between Abby and Heinrich in the Codename: Kids Next Door Operation: Turns out Heinrich was actually Henrietta.. A casino where I'm winning? That car must have killed me! I must be in heaven! He pulls the lever again, and wins. A casino where I always win? You're not in heaven or in hell. You're on an airplane! Clyde is suddenly on an airplane.

He opens the window and sees a gremlin on the wing. There's a gremlin destroying the plane! You gotta believe me! Why should I believe you? Clyde pulls out a mirror and sees Hitler staring back at him. Clyde turns to Eva Braun, suddenly sitting next to him. Eva Braun pulls off a mask , revealing herself to have the head of a giant fly.

The Planet Express crew is watching this on TV. Eh, saw it coming. This confused Billy and the audience but Grim says it was obvious and Billy is just stupid. It wasn't hinted in any fashion in the run of the show neither for the entire DC Animated Universe. Also Waller's plan runs on improbable coincidences since Terry was initially introduced as a random teenager who found Bruce's basement by accident. The twist was apparently meant to explain why Terry and his brother Matt have black hair while their parents are a red headed man and a brunette woman but ultimately leaves bigger questions.

The Mane Six, minus Twilight, after getting their cutie marks switched, are compelled to do something they are neither good at nor enjoy, as it is their destiny. Rainbow Dash's cutie mark reflects her love of racing, but she is a professional weather wrangler. This despite the fact that there was no foreshadowing, it clashes with the existing setting, retcons all the maps away and creates massive amounts of Fridge Logic. In the Rick and Morty episode "The Wedding Squanchers", Summer's friend Tammy announces in her reception speech that she isn't a teenage human girl but a Galactic Federation undercover agent, shoots her newly wed husband Birdperson and then proceeds to arrest every guest.

This has no build up until the critical moment even thought the character did appear several times through the series. One Robot Chicken sketch parodies this by having M. Night Shyamalan subject to several Shocking Swerves in a row, each time lampshading it by turning to the camera and exclaiming "What a twist! South Park In a three part arc the mystery of Kenny's ability to die endlessly was explained. The boys had been playing superheroes, with one of the children playing the laughable "Mint-Berry Crunch," a half-man, half-berry. Everything built up to a confrontation between Kenny and Cthulhu.

Then, out of nowhere, Mint-Berry Crunch turns out to be an actual superhero sent to earth as a protector , and he literally punches out Cthulhu.

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  • Kenny is as incredulous as the audience during this reveal. The Critters from "Woodland Critter Christmas" start out as a regular parody of saccharine, insipid Christmas specials One moment they are happy and cheerful, the very next they're sacrificing a disturbingly willing Rabbitty and having an orgy with his corpse and they're still happy and cheerful.

    Justified because it's a story written by Cartman. As mentioned in further detail on the Wham Episode page, the season finale of Total Drama World Tour is one of these, what with the feral Ezekiel stealing and destroying the money. Everybody survived, although characters like Alejandro have received serious injuries.

    Winx Club , season 2: One of the teachers, Professor Avalon, turns out to be an evil clone. It's a legitimate twist in the original This astonishingly sexy lace and microfibre dress boosts your bust, hugs your waist, and flashes a glimpse of thigh to create killer curvaceous style. Forming the stand-out centre of our Seduce Me collection, this plunge dress features moulded push-up cups with wide shoulder straps to lift your bust, and is decorated with delicate rows of pale pink ribbon for additional appeal.

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